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Our Training and Professional Development programming for clinicians and agencies consists of a variety of services that provide support, consultation, and training to human services professionals and those dealing with a variety of clients and their families.

We offer community trainings for CEUs every couple months (sign up for our newsletter to receive notices. We also offer supervision for therapists who are interested in continuing to provide quality care to their clients. Research shows that quality of care declines the longer a therapist has been in the field, because too many therapists stop receiving quality supervision. Stay on top of your game by calling for a supervisor today.

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the premise of the program

The premise of the program is to enable clinicians to better help their clients focus on their relationships with people and the larger systems surrounding them.


Erin Belanger, LMHC

Director of Training and Development

Internships and Residencies

The training program at the Samaritan Counseling Center is focused on developing the skills of professionals in the field so that they can help their clients work toward a healthy mind, body, soul, interrelational balance.

Our residency program is intended for professionals in the field of mental health counseling and social work to complete post-graduate, supervised hours toward licensure. We also accept a limited number of interns each year who are working toward completing their graduate degree.

The training program is grounded in systems theories and self psychology. There are monthly modules that progressively build upon this base to help interns and residents make applications of the theories to multiple populations and situations. Supervisory groups further support the learning process by exploring cases and offering an opportunity for a peer supervision/learning process. Finally, individual supervision addresses trainees unique learning and development process in a one to one setting. Taping is used during sessions to aid the learning process.

Beyond the theoretical and practical experience trainees receive as residents, efforts will be made to develop interpersonal cohesion and support within the group both in-house and out. In-house, trainees will develop supportive connections in the peer supervision groups and in their interactions during trainings. Outside of work, trainees will be invited to attend various social functions to promote and develop a sense of community and connection.

Regional Bowen-based Training Program:
Outside of our in-house training program, we also offer community workshops for professionals who are interested in earning CEUs. We are currently offering a Bowen-based series aimed at developing the ability to work with multiple populations while also reflecting on our own growth and development in our relationships. Please sign up for our newsletters to receive announcements about our upcoming workshops.

Other Training Opportunities:
Individual services are also available for those working at other agencies who would like to develop their skills further. Give our office a call to inquire about:

If you are interested in joining our training program or setting up another training service, please contact Erin Belanger at